Gain settings of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100

μV/Div. (26 Div.)

Resolution of 1/72 Div.

Band Pass:

High Cut of 400Hz (16-pole Bessel)

Low Cut of 0.4Hz or 5.2Hz (2-pole)

Notch Filter:

None, 50Hz, 60Hz

Time Base:

2, 5, 10, 20 ms/Div. (50 Div.)

Resolution of 0.25ms


1.5μV rms

Input Impedance

~107Ω differential-mode

>109Ω common-mode

Common-mode Rejection:

>120dB @500Hz and below with 3KΩ source impedance imbalance

Sample Rate

20KHz sub-sampled in software to 4KHz

ADC Resolution


Electrode Connectors

1.5mm Male DIN Safety "Touch-Proof"

Stimulus Size

64mm diameter, Diffuse, uniformly illuminated

Flash Intensity

‑30dB, ‑25dB, ‑20dB, ‑15dB, ‑10dB, ‑5dB, 0dB, +5dB

(0db = 3.00 cd-s/m2)

Flash Duration

10μs-6.4ms depending on color & intensity

Flicker Rate

Single, 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, 30Hz, 40Hz, 45Hz, 50Hz, 55Hz, 60Hz, 65Hz

Background Illumination

10cd/m2, 20cd/m2, 30cd/m2, 40cd/m2


Patient isolation conforming to UL2601


Self-powered by USB connection to PC


92mm x 133mm x 64mm without cables


Approx. 5.5oz.

Computer system:

(User supplied)

WindowsTM compatible;

At least 1, powered USB port (500mA)

Operating system:

(User supplied)

Windows XPTM 32/64-bit SP3

Windows VistaTM 32/64-bit SP2

Windows 7TM, 8TM & 10TM 32/64-bit


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